COVID-19 and Telehealth: Do you know your client’s options?

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As agents, we have an important role to play as we hear about new coronavirus cases every few hours.  With several states declaring a state of emergency, it’s important that we as agents are prepared to help our clients and answer questions about their options.   Guidance now includes social distancing and utilizing telehealth services and/or calling before going to a doctor or hospital.  If you haven’t had an emphasis on telehealth with your clients, now is the time to familiarize yourself with these benefits within your client’s plans. 

While we can be reactive to calls we receive from our clients, now is also the time to show your clients part of your value proposition by providing information about this benefit.  Now is the time to email, call, and/or send letters to your clients letting them know of this option and why they chose you as their agent.  Let them know you care and are here to help them.  Communicating this to your clients will not only reinforce your relationship with them, it will help them to remain calm because they’ll know they have options. 

The carriers that offer this benefit to their clients have resources and materials available in each of their portals outlining the benefits that you can utilize in helping your clients.  We recommend having these resources on hand to distribute.  For your convenience, below you’ll find some of the carrier’s telehealth services they utilize.


United Healthcare